Monday, October 17, 2005

Sequels work because of new gamers

Despite all the grumbling from hardcore, old school and long term gamers about how games suck these days, sequelitis and knockoffs still continue to sell and we know it. That's why it pisses us off right?

Well for those of us that have been gaming forever, long before Sony made it "Cool" to the MTV generation, we've seen all this before, however the current generation hasn't. You know, those guys who think that Halo is the first FPS game EVER. Publishers may be conservative but they also would not continue to throw money into this pond if it wasn't making them money. Sequels work for this current generation because for them, this stuff is still new. Hell I attend a game school (my issues with the school aside) where you really have to be a game dork to be here and half these kids didn't really get into games or "get a computer" until it became mainstream. That's why it works.

For everyone that is on the USA sucks bandwagon and champions Japan as the land of originality and katamari, well here I got news for you. It's the same thing over there too! Sadly... Our best hope is that we burn out the Halo kiddies quick soon too and then maybe we can make some real games.


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